Mens Wear

Mens Wear

Having a Staffs good time!

be braveHEARTed - Art & Style meets animal welfare.

Especially Our colorful and  rocking apparel line is especially dedicated to all fans of Amstaff, Pitbull, Bull Staff and Bull terrier. Most of the dogs in our collection come from shelters and organizations that receive, protect and take care of these dogs. Some are still looking for a new home. Our designs are all traditionally drawn on paper, usually in pastel or watercolor.

For dogs friends who want to shop online for clothing we have many attractive offers. As part of casual wear our collection offers a lot of variety, from playful rock to trendy watercolor look. TShirts, tank tops, hoodies and sweaters should be not only convenient and portable, but also emphasize your own personal style.



Rocking TShirts in realistic style with tough message: dont let your dog sit anywhere but on your chest. Realistic wild or untamed in watercolor style.

Either way - simply unmistakable.


Hoodies / Sweaters

Casual hoodies and sweaters in our rocking styles from realistic to watercolor. With our dog motifs you won't go mad, but totally nuts!


Tank tops

Tank Tops in hard rock realistic style or playful watercolor, all here!